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Baby baby baby dont hurry
Youve got your finger on me
Dont let go, no no no
I know you love it
Its running through my veins
You drink me dry
You take so much of me
And when you touch me
I see the magic in your eyes
And I cant move (Im going under)
One kiss, I know, that Im with you
Baby baby dont make me worry
You only live for the night
Its not right, no no no
But in the morning
You seem to disappear
Here come the night
You seem to reappear
Is this a warning?
Ive got a feeling youre not
Telling me the truth (you cast no shadow)
One kiss, I know, that Im with you
Strange lover, pale as the moon
Youve no shadow, no face in the mirror
No complection, no reflection
Baby baby baby youre freezing
You send a shiver through me
Im so cold, no no no
The day is dawning
Were moving underground
I must go with you
I start to realise
Your touch is deadly
I wanna look away
But I cant look away
Im in your power and Im lost

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