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What do I do to ignore them behind me?
Do i follow my instincts blindly?
do i hide my pride from these bad dreams
and give into sad thoughts that are maddening?
do i sit here and try to stand it?
do i try to catch them red-handed?
do i… Weiterlesen

I will be waiting,
with a song in my soul,
a fortunate weakling,
which I have foretold,
He raises his arms tied,
above the abyss,
singing his sweet song,
his melody opens up the sun,
Freedom raid,
God has come,
Rivers of blood,
pushed back in my veins,
She sleeps… Weiterlesen

And one

Where should I start
Disjointed heart
Ive got no commitment
To my own flesh and blood
Left all alone
Far from my home
No one to hear me, to heal my ill heart, i

Keep it locked up inside

Cannot express
To the point Ive regressed
If angers… Weiterlesen