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Note: Like „Morei Sky“ and a couple of other submitted songs, this is a Grey Daze song, Chester Bennington’s band before Linkin Park..

I want to pick up the pieces, so that
There’s less complication, so that
There’s less conversation, and
Less aggravation

I want to go out alone, man,… Weiterlesen

Down on the fairy tale path, there is a wizard awaiting you
with aluminum fashion and with panthers to boot
Send me your power through the lightning in your eyes
Wearing the magic hat, yeah, yeah, yeah.
(The Wizard Song is featured on LPTV on the Linkin Park website)

I can’t believe it,
you’re a dream comin‘ true.
I can’t believe how
I have fallen for you.

And I was not looking,
was content to remain.
And it’s ironic
to be back in the game.

You are the one
who’s led me to the sun.
How could I know… Weiterlesen