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In a bar in San Francisco
We are dancin‘ in the night
And her ruby lips are sayin‘
Love me right now!

As she wrappes her arms around me
It all seemed to be alright
You are yesterday and gone
While she’s right here and now

And I’m dancin‘ and… Weiterlesen

She cant hide no matter how hard she tries
Her secret disguised behind the lies
And at night she crys away her pride
With eyes shut tight staring at her inside
All her friends know why she cant sleep at night
All her family asking is she alright
All she… Weiterlesen

Note: This is a Grey Daze song, wich was Chester Bennington’s former Band, his voice is lovely..

I’ve lived through things I cannot say
Back then we dreamt of yesterday
It seemed as if the only way
And now we look for hope and pray

If I had a… Weiterlesen