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Sittin‘ in the park
Watching the dogs walk by
Listenin‘ to them bark
They don’t see me cry
Drinkin‘ in the park
Just lettin‘ the time go by
Waiting until dark, feel like I’m gonna die

Suddenly it’s colder , I feel older
Too grey for the month of May
The sun went down too fast,
Out time’s passed
I never planned for this rainy day

Since she moved in (this morning)
I had to move out (it’s pouring)

Sittin‘ in the park imagine you walk by
Listenin‘ to you talk
Makin‘ someone else smile
Drinkin‘ in the park
Don’t wanna say goodbye
Waiting until dark
Just hopin‘ that you’ll pass by

The world stands still
While I’m here in the pouring rain
Wish I could knock at your door
Never be the same

Suddenly it’s colder, I feel older
Replaced by a pretty face
The roof fell on my head, rather be dead
Than drunk in this park all day

Since she moved in (this morning)
I had to move out (its pouring)

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