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Sometime in the evening I find a green spot in this town and hide myself
Thinking of those circling skies
It takes me back to another time of duffel coats
And drawing lines in the late September evening sand
The pumpkin soup on the table, the late September sun
A glow from the future, a sorrow yet to be undone

Autumn's brown sturdy fingers are embedding bouquets up and down your spine
Embrace the moment 'cos everything changes and all this will too
Today you debut your birthday bike on the hill
It's so beautiful but things are gonna change

The pumpkin soup on the table as warm as an evening sun
A glow from the future a sorrow yet to be passed on
The circling sky of seagulls the late September sun
I dream of a future, a dream that sorrow has undone

Pedal home, pedal home
Your mother is baking your favorite apples this evening
There's soup on the table but don’t let go it cold, no, no, no
As you push your bike up the garden path you turn to the ocean
You watch as autumn takes its last breath of summer
Its last breath of summer

The pumpkin soup on the table the late September sun
Just dream of a future and then the sorrow is undone

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