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10 Cc

Oh oh I feel the city rhythm
Oh oh I love those city lights
But when the sun comes up
And the partys over
I dont care Im coming back tonight
To the bright city lights
Home from work got your money in your pocket
Pull on your boots brand… Weiterlesen

This boy hes a midnight driver
High roller and a soul survivor
She tried to send him on his way
He say, hey, I wanna stay
If you dont mind Im hanging around
This girls on the road to nowhere
She wouldnt say but another day there
Its not the… Weiterlesen

She doesnt need money
She doesnt need diamonds
Shes lookin for pretty things
She doesnt want romance
She doesnt need finance
Shes looking for rendezvous
But every time shes going down
She never looks around
Ill wait and watch her with my
Lens until she brings the curtain down
there… Weiterlesen