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Yes i can see her
Cause every girl in here wanna be her

Oh she’s a diva, feel the same and i wanna meet her

They say she low down
It’s just a rumor and i don’t believe em
They say she needs to slow down
The baddest thing around… Weiterlesen

yeah! huh ! you know mi (I) love life too much.
mi love it big, broad and heavy.
so gimme pounds.

pound power
If you wanna cook food for me
you better put enough meat in(na) it
cause if there´s no meat in it
no fun eating it
to get… Weiterlesen

You (x3)

Everytime you go
You leave my heart alone
I flow in the darkness

Everytime I’m there
You fill my body with care
I flooow

Everytime you go (x2)

I flow
I flow in the darkness (x2)

You created darkness
It covers me at night
You… Weiterlesen

you find me
crouched in the corner of my expectations
i´m in the place where nobody wants to be
16 tons falling down on me
situation overload
i think my head´s gonna explode
and every day the tension grows and grows
i´ve got to get out of here
the situation… Weiterlesen

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