Usher – Love in this club

([Intro: Usher]
I do it for the ladies
I gotta keep it hood
Where we at Polo? (Ey)
I see you right
Yo Keith You were right
We just gettin started
Yeahhhhh man

[Verse 1: Usher]
You say
You searching for somebody
That’ll take you out
And do you right
Well come here baby
And let daddy show
You what it feel like
You know all you gotta do
Is tell me
What you sippin‘ on (Sippin on, sippin on) (Ey)
And I promise
That I’m gonna keep
It comin‘ all night long

Lookin‘ in your eyes
While you on the other side
And I think miss shorty
I’ve got a thing for you
Doin‘ it on purpose windin
And workin‘ it
I can tell by the way
You lookin‘ at me girl

I wanna make love in this club (Ey)
In this club (Ey)
In this club (Ey)
In this club (Ey)
(repeat x2)

[Verse 2: Usher]
(Listen) got some friends
Rollin‘ wit you
Baby then that’s cool (That’s cool, thats cool)
You can leave em
Wit my niggaz let em know
That I got you (got u, got u)
If you didn`t know
You’re the only thing
That’s on my mind (My mind, my mind)
Cuz the way
You staring miss you
Got me wantin‘
To give it to you all night

Lookin` in your eyes
While you on the other side
I cant take it no more
Baby i’m comin for you
You keep doin‘ it
On purpose whindin
And workin‘ it
If we close our eyes
It could be just me and you

I wanna make love in this club (Ey)
In this club (Ey)
In this club (Ey)
In this club (Ey)
(repeat x4)

[Young Jeezy Talking:]
Polo, you a fool
For this one homie
I’m on em, yeahhh
Let’s go

[Verse 3: Young Jeezy]
I’m what you want
I’m what you need
He got you trapped
I’ll set you free
Sexually, mentally
Physically, emotionally
I’ll be like your medicine
You’ll take every dose of me
It’s going down on isle 3
I’ll bag you
Like some groceries
And every time you think about
It you gon‘ want some more of me
Bout to hit the club
Make a movie yeah rated R
Pulled up like a trap star
That’s if you had (In the car)
Have you ever made love
To a thug in the club
With his sights on?
87 Jeans
And a fresh pair of Nikes on
On the couch, on the table
On the bar, or on the floor
You can meet me in the bathroom
Yeah, you know I’m tryna go

[Verse 4: Usher]
Might as well give me a kiss
If we keep touchin like this
I know you scared baby
They don’t know what we doin
Let’s both get undressed right here
Keep it up girl i swear
Imma give it to you non stop
And i don’t care
Who’s watchin, watchin, watchin (Watchin, watchin) Ohhhh in this club
on the floor Baby lets make love

[Chrous x2]
I wanna make love in this club (Ey)
In this club (Ey)
In this club (Ey)
In this club (Ey)

in the club
ur the one
can u freak me babe (Ey)
In the back (Ey) In the side (Ey)
In the front (Ey)
Left, right (Ey)
ey yea yea (Ey)
crank that batman (Ey)

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